IMS understands that working mothers want the best for their babies and have provided a serene environment for the babies to be nurtured and to grow healthily in all respects.

In the past, many people pictured a child’s mind as blank on which adults through instruction ensure a good education was achieved. From birth, babies are marvelous learners who through sight, sound, taste, smell and touch learn more about the world.  The earlier an infant is exposed to a program of intellectual, physical,  sensory and artistic education, the more dramatic the result, as child will demonstrate he/she can concentrate, absorb, master new ideas and develop new skills.

Children in our care, record tremendous brain growth in areas such as language, spatial relationship, music, arts, social grace and lots more. IMS’ rich school environment is filled with responsive interaction and language such as books, songs lots of listening and responding to child’s vocalization, conversations with others and lots more.


IMS provides toddlers with space and is equipped to promote exploration, independence, order, freedom of choice and movement. The environment is strategically organized with defined learning areas and is open to allow for sound interaction and activities required for growth and development. Children are exposed to individual and group activities.

Toddler program includes:

  • Practical Life: Care of self, Grace and Courtesy, Care of environment, Activities to refine the fine motor skills, Arts and lots more.
  • Sensorial and Music: Activities on all five senses such as shapes, colours, texture, weight, sound dimensions. Activities on music and movement etc.
  • Language: Matching, Sorting, Songs, Picture cards, stories, phonics/ sound Sandpaper letters.
  • Number Concept: Counting activities, sand paper numbers, and number recognition, ordering of numbers, Number Rhymes.
  • Toilet Training, Large motor skills development
  • IMS offers half day and full day program in this unit.


This is a multiple age classroom of three years cycle and is the foundational cornerstone of a child’s education. Our program supports the child’s natural inclination to seek and master a wide array of life skills and cognitive abilities. We focus on developing the whole child through individualized instruction covering many academic areas achieved through hands- on learning approach.

The areas of learning cover:

  • Practical life
  • Sensorial and Music
  • Language
  • Mathematics.
  • Cultural Studies.
  • Geography, Botany, Zoology, History, Science, Art and Craft.

Emphasis is laid on character building Civics and Social studies.